Which of the two options do you prefer?

Would You Prefer To Learn Directly From The REAL Source Or Settle With These Half Baked Information Mongers Flying Around The Internet, Claiming To Show You How To Start Making Money Online In Nigeria, Even When They've Never Made One kobo Online In Their Lives?



If You Answer YES to That Question, And You Really Mean it, then...


Attend My One Day Training Where I'll Reveal To 10 Smart Persons How I Make Money With My Twitter Account  And How I Extend This To Make As Much As N200,000 Monthly On Fiverr.com Right From My Bedroom, With No start Up Capital.

I'm talking about the Same online business that turned many of my training attendees lives around for the better and keep dumping as much as N100,000 monthly into their Nigerian bank account......See what they are saying below


Adedokun Festus, Reside in Ilorin but school at Minna, 0706082XXXX

Who is Prince Godfrey Elabor to you? Godfrey is a Godfearing man and a unique mentor who devotes his time to his students. He teaches his student the latest and hot selling methods on Fiverr and other biz for you to earn. I learnt Fiverr from him last year and since then I have earned over 100k from one of my Fiverr account only.

How much have you made online since you started Internet business? This is my 4th month employing Godfrey's strategy, I have earned over N550,000 and still counting.

Your Advice for people who doubt Internet Money making potency? To those doubting Thomas, making money online is genuine and I can boldly say I earn a lot from Fiverr alone.


        Babatunde Oladapo, ibadan, 0806654XXXX

Who is Prince Godfrey Elabor to you? Prince Godfrey is a very good friend and brother, he is my mentor in online business, he taught me how to make money online on fiverr.com. Very nice person and practice what he preach.

How much have you made online since you started Internet business? Fiverr.com is a legal online business and I have made 868 dollars from this website ever since I started October last year to be precise.

Your Advice for people who doubt Internet Money making potency? The business is real if only you believe and work hard to achieve it.


Adeyemi Oluwaseun (Prof. Binary), Lagos, 0807644XXXX

Who is Prince Godfrey Elabor to you? Godfrey Elabor is my online business teacher, mentor and advicer.

How much have you made online since you started Internet business? As a matter of fact I have made more than A million naira.

Your Advice for people who doubt Internet Money making potency? My advice for them is that they should not give up but try as much as possible to contact those that are making real cash online to show them the right things to do and take them as mentor, people like Godfrey Elabor is very good to learn from him. When they are talking about learning from a guru I RECOMMEND GODFREY ELABOR.

I will go straight to the point here, no need to perambulate-

It's high time you stop the rat race and get something meaningful done with your life. If you are one of those who always believe that internet money making is all about YAHOO YAHOO or Internet fraud, just do yourself the good of reading this letter to the end and I bet your orientation would change instantly.


From The Desk of: Prince Godfrey Elabor,
CEO Elabnet Business Innovations.


  • Am a Confirmed Practical Information Marketer

  • My Success Story was Published in Success Digest Magazine

  • Am an Internet Money Making Tutor

  • Am One of the known Nigerian Fiverr seller to have made $200 (N32,000) in just a day on Fiverr

  • Am One of the known Nigerian Fiverr seller to have made $849 (N135,840) within 17 days on Fiverr

  • Am One of the known Nigerians ever to have made Millions of naira from Fiverr

  • Am One of the pioneers in FIVERR MONEY MAKING tutor in Nigeria.

  • I have trained several Nigerians who now earns good income legitimately from the Internet.

Talk is cheap i know! even many information mongers might have told you they are this and that in the past and still fail you.....

You are not a fool, i know you will really like to know if i truly practice what am about to teach you...Watch the video below for prove of my earnings from Fiverr.com


I don't want to talk too much here...

There's certainly no need to go preaching here, when I only need 10 serious persons out of my over 7000 subscribers reading this page with you.

However, I'd say this straight and direct:

"Ask any honest Nigerian that knows about Making Money Online, and they'll tell you that I'm the 'good to go person' in this country when it comes to Making Legitimate Money Online"

From the last count, over 500 Nigerians have directly or indirectly benefited from my online money making knowledge - either through my newsletters, manuals, video tutorial, seminars or workshops held in various locations across the country.

You might want to doubt that though... so, here's some proofs for you:


Those are just few of the pictures from my previous trainings...


As you can vividly see in the images above. I was featured in the Prestigious Magazine; SUCCESS DIGEST. Nigeria's number one multiple stream of income Magazine known only within the circles of Internet Money Makers in Nigeria.

If you know how prestigious this Magazine is and how strict the publisher of this Magazine is, you would understand that, you must have done a great job and proofed everyone beyond reasonable doubts before they could published you for FREE in their Magazine.

My story was published on the July 29 - August 4, 2013 Edition after I excel on Fiverr and my diverse Internet Money Making Businesses.

Do you like this kind of scenario where life is good and you are happy because you know EVERYDAY you have money coming in by doing just few minute work online....

If you like that, which i know you do then I will like to invite you to a life changing training, that has helped so many Nigerians to breakthrough financially.

Here are what you will be learning from the training:-

  2 minute work that earn me as much as $50 daily on fiverr

How to make money with your twitter account by just posting to your twitter followers ( this is hot and never taught before by anybody in Nigeria)

How to open a USA Verified paypal account and operate it right here in Nigeria without any ish/How to make money opening it for Nigerians 

How to open and register for a fiverr account and the secret strategies that I use on my fiverr profile information that attracts buyers like magnet (this will WOW you).

How to create call-to-order banners within 5 minute on your pc to get orders rushing into your Fiverr account like tap water

Latest 2014 trendy and best selling gigs/services on fiverr 

How to identify and deliver hot in demand and best selling gigs/services on fiverr and research them, produce such gigs and be able to meet up with buyers expectation.

A sneaky and very easy trick used by me to generate $200 in a day on one of my fiverr account.

You will learn a newly discovered and very easy promotional method that I use to earn $849 N135,840 within 17 days from fiverr  (with this you will never be broke again)

How to withdraw your money from fiverr and get it right here in Nigeria. (You will see my own FIVERR REVENUE  ATM CARD live on the seminar day. I use this to withdraw my fiverr earnings from ATM machines here in Nigeria)

You will learn the exact strategies I use to promote my gigs that brings in massive orders ranging from 10-50 orders daily

The 2 Best Fiverr Alternative where I make over $300 monthly (forget all those bulky Fiverr alternatives this 2 are the best)

How to rank your fiverr gigs for fiverr editors massive impression

You will also learn How to videofy your gigs (very easy), according to fiverr, gigs with video makes 220% profit but with my promotional strategies you will get massive orders daily even if your gig has no video.

Okay, before I wrap everything up, take a look at this video for

My last month March 2014 $1078 (N178,025) Fiverr earnings proof

Let me raise your eye brows a bit :)



 WOW! It almost skipped my mind.

  Just wondering if I mentioned that you do not need any starting capital  to get started with making money on fiverr and twitter.

Yes! You heard me right. You do not need any starting capital. No buying of any software, domain name, website hosting, traffic, autoresponder and all the jargons that normally discourage starters.

All you need is at most, an hour access to the internet on daily basis. It can be from a public cafe or your personal laptop/desktop. I strongly discourage access through phones even though, I have students who manage to earn over $200 monthly using their phones for fiverr biz.

Isn't it amazing that you do not need a starting capital to start something that earn me over N200,000 monthly and even earn newbies as much as #100,000 monthly? Even a pure water seller who can never make up to #10,000 profit in a month need some starting capital.

This is one of the main reason why I love fiverr and always recommend it to all my subscribers... This is the more reason why you have no choice than to be part of this LIVE-CHANGING Training if you must make good income online without stress and too much technicalities.

So you need to get going right now.

Would There Be Any Bonus For Attending?

I know you'll have no reason missing out in this one of a kind training, but I'll further make the whole thing so juicy for you.

If you register to attend right away, you'll qualify to get the following super duper bonuses:

A One year (365 Days) Personal One-On-One


 Thatís 356 Days ONE FULL YEAR.

This mentorship starts immediately the trainings ends. For the next one year. . .

  • You will have direct access to me via phone and email. You can call me up anytime you have any issue. You can send me an email and I will reply you in one hour at the most.


  • You will get special mentorship discounts to any other paid events I organize in the future and even get a special invitation to attend some free of charge.


  • You will have FIRST HAND ACCESS to any new information about this business which I uncover. This means that any new thing I learn that can increase your earnings potential on fiverr.com, twitter and my other new business, I will tell you about it FIRST, before any other person.

You like this bonus, donít you? Itís far better than throwing a few e-books together and calling it a bonus, right?


Hereís How To Register For The Training

Like I wrote earlier, I'll  be admitting only 10 persons... and the reason is simple!

This is only a training, with the 10 attendees gathering round a table or something and looking at each other eye ball to eye ball, and would be able to take direct questions, unlike in the seminars I had in the past where we have more people.

We will be doing real practical... hardcore fiverr, paypal and twitter money making tutorials... showing you how and where to go

Believe me this training is worth more than N50,000 many of my student have used this strategies and they are now raking huge cash on this businesses right now just as you see their testimonies above this page

I am a reasonable young guy who also started from nowhere to achieve my present status in Nigerian Internet Money Making Terrain. I have been one time or the other denied privileged to Live-changing trainings because of high but justified prices in the past but I thank God for my life today.

So I do not want this to happen to you and as such, I have deliberated firmly and have resolved to throwing out this practical live-changing seminar at a token of N5,000

Yes you saw it right, just N5,000 and you will be part of the 10 people to attending this life changing training...


Name- Godfrey Elabor

FIRST BANK- 307 555 4034

GT BANK- 001 7650 749

UBA BANK- 206 607 1626

After payment: pick up your phone and text "Training", amount paid, your name, your phone number, your email address to 08066047640

Venue, Date and Time

VENUE:- Dynamic Standard Business Services N0 6,Demurin Street, Ketu Bus-stop.
Ketu Lagos

DATE: Saturday May 10, 2014.

TIME: 9am prompt



Prince Godfrey Elabor
CEO Elabnet Business Innovations.

Call any of 08027335653 or 08066047640 should incase you have any question or enquires.

PS: We allow payment at the venue. However it attracts extra N3,500 making it N8,500.



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